Recycling Systems

E Waste Recycling

E-waste doesn't have to be wasteful if you separate the different types of material for reuse. Our machinery can handle refrigerators, printers, TV sets, circuit boards, cables and more. Using our proven technology, e-waste metals are pressed into balls without the need for an additional hydraulic baling machine.

Plastic Washing System

Our machines are capable of shredding, washing, separation and drying for post consumer or waste plastics (rigid and film). You will begin with waste material and finish with clean, dry flakes, that are ready for pelletizing, injection or blow-molding. The main applications are agricultural film (containing up to 70% sand and mud); injection and blow-molded products; and bottles (PE and ...

Tire Recycling System

Used tires are a severe problem for the environment. The ever increasing traffic volume results in even faster growing tire mountains. Our tire recycling systems were created to solve the problem efficiently and effectively. With advantages such as full-automation (without steel wire manual debeading), normal temperature processing and no secondary pollution, the machines are easy to use by operators without ...

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